Oper Your Heart And Let It Begin.

♛ I Will Love You Unconditionally

Hi, i'm Giovanna.
21 years old.
A normal girl who dreams about California.
If you need something, then ask me.
I love Katy Perry, the Uswnt, The Tirthy Seconds To Mars , Justin Timberlake , Rihanna and MORE. AND i love Grey's Anatomy.

Sweet love!


Soooo sexy!!

" You don’t lose anything,  i did! I did! "

The best dramatic scene of 9 season.

A: ” get off of me, get off of me!!!”
C: ” “There’s nowhere for me to go; this is my life now too!”

The Good morning!

Heaven is jealous of our love, Angels are crying from up above.

I will love you unconditionally.

Katy , stop being so sexy.